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First post from the new laptop

Hopefully, normal service can be resumed. Though there hasn’t been a complete blackout in terms of the number of posts appearing on the blog, my writing has been severely impaired by the lack of a computer to write with. The book reviews posted were those already written, while the other couple of posts were typed onto a phone, which took significantly longer than normal.

First impression of the new pc is that it’s not great. It is a HP Pavilion, rather like my last one, though it does have some features I am not fond of. For one, in attempting to be like a desktop, there is a number pad on the right of the keyboard. That wouldn’t be so bad in itself, only it means everything else gets shifted to the left, including the touchpad, so it is no longer central. In politics, I tend to prefer things left of centre, but here I am not so sure.

Windows 8 is also not at all user friendly. The cornerstone of the previous versions of Windows has been the start menu. It was the starting point from which you could find and launch your programmes and accessories; especially useful for those you didn’t use very often, as they would typically have a shortcut on the desktop.

The other major downside is the presumption that everyone is connected to the web via a wireless broadband. I am not. The way you are reading this is by me writing this on my isolated laptop, saving the file, coping it via USB to my phone and then emailing it to myself. I can then copy the text and paste it into a WordPress app. I then do final editing either at a public library or at my work desk (outside of working hours, of course, as permitted by the IT department). All this is an awful lot cheaper than having to pay for a wireless router, installation fees and an ongoing contract for internet which I don’t use. I don’t download pirated films or music or do online gaming or any of that malarky. My phone has email, the major social networking sites and a few news websites. This is all I need, so I don’t see the need for paying for any more than that.

Anyway, there is much that I have thought about, much to be written. So I will now get on and write some more, to be published later.

IT Problems

I’ve run into a bit of a snag on the blogging front. The computer I use to write my posts is having some severe issues. After a key got stuck down, I had to give it a thump to unstick the key. It seems that in doing this, the hard disc may have been damaged.

This is the first time it’s crashed in the 3 or 4 years I’ve had it, but it’s giving me a bit of trouble. It will take about 5 minutes to boot into safe mode and if I eventually get into normal mode, nothing works. The only way to close it is a forced shut down. I did try the normal shut down method from the start menu but after waiting for an hour, still nothing had happened.

So I’ll try posting what blog entries I had completed and was able to save. But after this, there may be an interruption to normal service.  Not sure if the computer’s salvageable or if it’s time to get a new one. I really only use it for word processing and spreadsheets, so I would opt for a cheap netbook, but I’ve never seen one with a usb port, which is an essential. 

Oh well.