Trouble with blogging (and a bit of Greenbelt)

I’ve been having a trouble with blogging lately. The reduced output here has partly been a result of an increased level of work over recent months and the fact that just about every blog post I try to write seems to be hard to finish, to get right. By the time I’ve sorted out my wording, it’s already out of date. I’ve long since reconciled myself to the fact that I’m not the kind of blogger who can post a thought-through, erudite response to the latest news within 4 hours of the story breaking. I usually take a week or two to ruminate on it, look at multiple sources and check my facts.

Yet having a browse on Twitter at the weekend, I saw a comment from one user (I forget who, please claim credit if it was you) that the state of christian blogging has changed massively over the course of the last year. Reference was made to the “gatekeepers” of the christian blogosphere. Certainly, from when I began this blog nearly 4 years ago, the world of christian blogging has changed a lot. Many of the most valued voices have gone quiet. Some have quit altogether, others have reduced their output.

Speaking only for myself, I don’t think I’ve managed a decent opinion piece since this one on the EDL which is already long out of date with respect to its specific references. If I’ve not reneged on promises, I’ve certainly delayed fulfilling them. About a month ago, I began ‘an epistle to the Coffee’ in wake of their decision to allow women to become bishops. Around the same time, someone requested that I write a piece on why I refer to myself as non-denominational, though I have yet to begin that. I’ve barely managed to touch the ‘personal catechism’ series I began earlier this year. As for the ‘origins and nature of morality’, I keep looking at it and find myself unable to write a convincing sentence.

The trouble seems to be that the times at which I feel myself most able to write are those times when it is most inconvenient. I cannot write when I am work, yet if I am doing a more mundane task and my mind wanders, then all sorts of creative avenues appear before me. But when the time comes to sit at home and write, all those avenues are blocked off. It might be by a blank page in front of me. It might be by a reluctance to even turn the computer on. Yet when I am at home, the time at which thoughts flow most freely are late at night when I know I ought to be heading towards bed if I’m to function properly the next day. I write this at sentence at quarter to 11 in the evening.

I wonder if other bloggers find similar problems or if you are one of those who have scaled back in recent months whether your issues are wholly different from those I have given.

As an aside, one of the things I do plan to write about is the Greenbelt festival, which I am still intending to go to. If you have been before and would like to pass on some wisdom, then please do let me know. It’s 30 years since I last went to a christian festival. Then, I was in a cot! My plans are to stay in a hotel (booked several months ago) and walk to and from the site each day. I shall take only a few snacks with me, hoping that meals may be obtained on site at an inflated price. I shall bring waterproofs and gaiters. Have got myself an OS map of the area, though I don’t yet have a torch; should I need one for walking back from the site late at night?

And yes, I do remember that I owe Dyfed Wyn Roberts a drink after losing a bet about the Commons debate on the 2014 budget.

5 responses to “Trouble with blogging (and a bit of Greenbelt)

  1. I’ve stopped blogging so much mainly from personal circumstances.

    My advice for Greenbelt is do not go with a plan! Decide what are must sees, but accept you may not even get to them. be prepared to go with the flow, the wonderful part of Greenbelt is meeting people on your way to somewhere and never getting there.

    And yes – take a torch!

    • That sounds like I could struggle. One of the things I’ve been thinking about is the spiritual effect of living and working in London. I get drawn in to seeing other people as obstacles to be passed around. So the idea that I would let people get in my and stop me from getting where I want to go is an infuriating prospect.

      • Well, you have to do it your way đŸ™‚ It’s more seeing people you know and haven’t seen for ages and you stop to chat/go for coffee/go where they’re going. But if there are people you want to hear then just go for it – be blessed

  2. I haven’t been blogging nearly as much as I used to, mostly because I haven’t been feeling like I have thoughts that are important enough to post about. Not entirely sure where that comes from, but I imagine I’m not the only blogger who feels that way.

    • Certainly not. My reason for getting back into blogging 4 years ago was to express thoughts I already had. If I go looking for thoughts *to* express, then the raison d’etre has shifted and I get a bit lost.