Where does the time go?

Sorry that the blog has been rather quiet of late. Time just seems to evaporate and it is increasingly difficult to find the space to sit down and write anything from start to finish. My evenings in the week are non-existent, as various projects at work keep me there until gone 7 most days, so by the time I’ve come home, cooked, eaten, done the washing up and had a wash myself it is usually gone 10.

Then there’s also the problem of what to write about. As I mentioned fairly recently, it can be overwhelming in trying to decide what discussions one may contribute to in a constructive manner. All too often I find myself tapping out something along easy, negative lines which would ultimately be of no use to anyone but my own ego. It’s only when I get half way through this that I discover that the ease with which something comes forth is inversely proportional to its value and I feel compelled to hit ‘delete’.

I like to have blocks of at least 20 minutes in which to write, but they are so hard to come by, even at weekends. I still haven’t had time to visit the Post Office to post a USB stick back to my brother-in-law that he left with me by mistake over a month ago. Since, for all intents and purposes, the Post Office is only open for half a day a week, one needs a free Saturday morning on which to go, yet none have been forthcoming.

It’s not as though I am, in any sense of the phrase, ‘living life to the full’. It’s more like time is leaking out of a dodgy plughole so that nomatter how much I try to make adequate provision I just can’t accumulate a bathful with which to do anything useful.

One response to “Where does the time go?

  1. I do feel for you Sipech. Do you Really, really have to agree to all that over-time? Are you even paid for it ? Life has got to be more than survival work, eh ?