Church: a simple act of generosity

Christians can be very opinionated people. You probably think the same of me, and you’d be right. One topic, among many, that we have an opinion on is “what church/Church should be”. This may be phrased as “what church/Church should do” or “what church/Church should look like”.

The questions that we ask say a lot about us. So there’s no really “neutral” way of asking such a question, as it inherently betrays what we think the answer may be.

While we can all have our pet theories about the answer, I was struck by something incredibly simple on Sunday. Our housegroup leaders were going to be away this week, so a couple of people from the housegroup just said “why don’t we just meet up anyway?” We exchanged phone numbers and fixed a time and place. It wasn’t complicated, just an act of friendship, despite the fact that, being quiet, it’s fair to say that few people know me, fewer still know my name. For someone else to open their home and invite me is an extraordinary act of generosity.

Such acts are not the be all and end all of what it means to be church, but we can all start somewhere. If we take just one aspect of the parable of the dishonest manager as our starting point, especially

Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much

Within the church, we have loads of opportunity to serve each other. I wouldn’t suggest that this is the sole or even primary purpose of the church. But it provides a great practice ground where we can learn to be generous to one another so that, as we grow in maturity, we can be more generous to our neighbours (in the Good Samaritan 0r Good EDL member sense).

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