IT Problems

I’ve run into a bit of a snag on the blogging front. The computer I use to write my posts is having some severe issues. After a key got stuck down, I had to give it a thump to unstick the key. It seems that in doing this, the hard disc may have been damaged.

This is the first time it’s crashed in the 3 or 4 years I’ve had it, but it’s giving me a bit of trouble. It will take about 5 minutes to boot into safe mode and if I eventually get into normal mode, nothing works. The only way to close it is a forced shut down. I did try the normal shut down method from the start menu but after waiting for an hour, still nothing had happened.

So I’ll try posting what blog entries I had completed and was able to save. But after this, there may be an interruption to normal service.  Not sure if the computer’s salvageable or if it’s time to get a new one. I really only use it for word processing and spreadsheets, so I would opt for a cheap netbook, but I’ve never seen one with a usb port, which is an essential. 

Oh well.

3 responses to “IT Problems

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having computer troubles. I have a feeling the Google Chromebook has a USB port, might be worth investigating if you don’t mind using Google cloud services. I was thinking about getting one earlier this year although decided in the end I’d be better off with a regular laptop.

    • Cloud service would require a home internet connection – a luxury I don’t have. My internet is my phone. For blog posts, I write on the laptop, transfer via USB to my phone, email to myself and then use either a public library or work computer (outside of working hours) to copy & paste the content into the WordPress editor. The laptop itself remains isolated.

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