As I briefly stated on Twitter about a week ago I’m going to be going on a bit of a social media break. Not that I’m cutting myself off completely, but I’ll certainly be taking a step back. It would be inappropriate to go into all the details here (some of you I’ve discussed aspects with) but the short story is that I’m looking to move home. After 7 years of living in the same town, various circumstances have combined with a time in life when it’s best to move on. As moving home is one of the most stressful things a person can do, I need to try to make the rest of life as stress-free as possible. Although blogging isn’t all that stressful, it does take up the majority of the spare time I have. I need that time to pack things away, file some stuff and throw other stuff out.

It’s time for a new chapter, but before I can start it I need to finish off the current chapter and do a bit of editing. When reading, I’ve never been one for having a large group of characters, I deal better with smaller casts. So it is in life. To leave this county means that I will be leaving some people. Some, I freely admit, I will be glad to leave behind. Others I will miss. But I knew that when I left university that most of those I had known I would not see again. Yet even those I kept in touch with held a 10 year reunion last year which I only found out about after the event. I can’t say that didn’t hurt. The perennial outsider, I am now choosing to be a stranger in a new place.

I can’t promise that the blog will be empty. I am a fickle creature and may be lured out of my mousehole if I get a particular bee in my bonnet. However, if any of you would like to write a guest post, then do get in touch. If you leave a comment and include your email (in the email box, not the actual comment) then I can get back to you, or any tweets sent to me (@TheAlethiophile) between 9am and 11pm will send a text message to my phone. So even though I’m not logged in, I can still see what you’re saying.

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