Taking a re-evaluation of blogging

I’m going to be taking a break from posting to this blog over October. When I began this blog two years ago, it was very much as an exercise in clarifying my own thinking. I wrote not because I not necessarily wanted to, but because I felt I needed to.

I initially only included book reviews to pad it out, worried that I would not otherwise write enough to maintain any interest on the part of any potential readers. Now, though, they seem to take up the majority of my writing time.

If I write a post with an interesting title, it can get up to 50 hits per day. Otherwise, it averages about 5-15 hits per day. It’s not a superstar blog, but a lot of those seem to be coming from India where people like to search for book reviews of Thomas Hardy’s works.

I’m no longer convinced that my reasons for blogging are the same as when I started. I plan out my blog posts with a schedule, trying to ensure that I can post 2-3 times per week. It has become an exercise for its own sake. During my recent bouts of unemployment, with more time to write, I have ended up writing longer and longer posts, as you may have noticed. I think I need to try to learn to be a better self-editor. If I can keep any posts to less than 800 words, then that will be a marker of success. Sometimes, I’ve split things down into multiple parts, but sometimes I’ve thrown it all together to keep some semblance of continuity. On the whole, I’m not sure that more time has thus far led to increased quality.

I may continue to write during October, even if it means I’m saving up the posts for later publication. Some of this depends on how I feel. For the last week, at least, I’ve not been very well. I think just a change of routine may do me some good. The other day I sat and wrote 1,600 words in pretty much one fell swoop about depression, but I need to change it so that it is still brutally honest but not brutish to those whose actions were the last straw in triggering this latest bout.

I will write one post for The Big Bible blog, due for publication on the 10th of October.

I may still end up commenting on others’ blogs, in which case I will mainly stick to those on my blogroll (if you’re reading this on a pc, you should be able to see the links on the right-hand side).

3 responses to “Taking a re-evaluation of blogging

  1. Tanya Marlow

    Hey there. I think it sounds good to change routine and take a break, it can often bring fresh energy and not so much of the relentlessness of feeling you need to publish.

    Thinking of you.

  2. I had an unplanned ‘sabbatical’ from blogging – didn’t realise I needed it until I had had it! Certainly a good plan to re-evaluate when things form routine. Have a good ‘rest’ – will be waiting for your return!

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