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As I’ve been very busy this week, I haven’t had much time to write. More specifically, time to complete. Hopefully, I should be able to complete a couple of book reviews and continue my “How do you define a christian” mini-series next week.

In the mean time, here’s my lazy list of things I’ve read over the last few lunchtimes which I think merit a second look.

Over at Stranger In An Even Stranger Land, Gurdur challenges the conjecture made by Rowan Williams recently that “atheism is cool,” as well as laying down a moral gauntlet to the CofE.

A guest writer at Patheos goes to a christian men’s conference in Texas and reports back. It highlights to me everything that is wrong with the culture of celebrity christians and the American megachurches. I have a half-finished blog post on that in my files, though I’m not sure I’ll have time this weekend to finish it, as family are descending upon me for my birthday on Saturday.

It’s been Nobel Prize week this week. My major interest is in the physics prize and it went to 3 chaps working on dark energy, which was a passion of my old cosmology professor at university. I can’t claim to understand it, but then again I’m not anyone really can. Nonetheless, it is endlessly fascinating.

Liberal conspiracy has a piece here on the BBC’s noticeable silence in reporting the Occupy Wallstreet protests.

Maggi Dawn has been writing a series of posts on liturgies. While I remain firmly opposed to the use of them in churches, they make for an interesting nonetheless. The link here is to the last piece but Maggi’s article contains links to 3 others that she wrote.

There’s an odd story here about a Turkish morgue installing motion detection devices in case someone’s death with misdiagnosed.

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  1. Oh, the Turkish morgue story is really neat. Many thanks! Will cite in future blog post.