The best of the web

As you are well aware, this is not the highest quality blog on the internet. One of my problems is trying to be concise. At present I’m cooking up “How do you define a Christian” though I’m already over 1,800 words and I haven’t even finished with the Apostles’ Creed!

So in the mean time, please find some links to some much better-written blogs than mine. Since finally getting my Twitter account unblocked, I’ve been able to harass various people who now have one more idiot of whom to think “who the hell are you?” It does allow me to see a wider of range of blogs, though, which I am grateful for.

About half way between a blog and news editorial site, we have Open Democracy. This is usually replete with great articles, but this week, I’ll point you to their Anatomy of a networked riot.

There are some very interesting thoughts on the anthropic principle at Quodlibeta. There is plenty there that I’m sure many will disagree with, but it is well-written and thought-provoking.

The best discovery I made on twitter. I follow the Natural History Museum who retweeted something from minibeastgirl. Her boundless enthusiasm for all things entomological is highly evident, and makes for a great read.

I recently came across Confessions of a doubting Thomas, which is a marvellously honest account of one man’s doubts about christianity. The blog, like this one, contains a fair few book reviews, and we actually cover some of the same books. So I would recommend that his reviews be read as a counterpoint to mine.

Batty Towers has an account of the Great North Run. It brought back some memories of when I did it back in 2004, along with the joy of finishing, the disappointment of being overtaken by a giant hamburger and the heartbreak of watching someone being resuscitated by the roadside.

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