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Here are a few bits off the web that I’ve picked up recently, which you might want to peruse:

An interesting piece here from the Independent entitled “The Islamification of Britain” though it is more reasonable that the Daily Mail-esque headline suggests, given that the numbers spoken of are in the region of 5,000 converts per year.

A programme I heard on radio 4 the other day (not available to users outside the UK, and not available for more than a week after broadcast) about the reasons behind the motif “pink for girls, blue for boys.” Fans of the website pinkstinks will appreciate this.

I am not sure why it has cropped up in discussions all of a sudden, but the issue of breastfeeding seems to have come to the fore. Here is a small sample of testimonies from the Guardian.

Staying with the Guardian, here’s a puzzling article on an American university offering a degree in “secular studies.” Unfortunately, neither the author of the article nor the university seem to understand what secularism is. However, when I pointed this out, my comment was deleted. Just goes to show, atheists are just like the rest of us: petulant when shown to be wrong.

This is a nice time-killer. Play rock-paper-scissors against a computer. I tried using a random number generator to eliminate any element of predictability.

In other news, I finally got round to publishing my 100th review on Amazon. Most of them are the same as here (although some the longer posts on the blog were trimmed for Amazon purposes). Feel free to peruse the rest.

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