I am many things. This journal will seek to explore the various aspects of me that go towards determining my worldview. By training, I am a scientist and at heart I am a Christian.

There would be those who claim that these mutually incompatible, or that one dominates or disproves the other. I do not agree with this and amidst this journal, I shall seek to show evidence that backs up my belief. In fact, wherever possible, I shall seek evidence for any belief that I hold, acknowledging that I may be wrong and that what I consider to be true may in fact not be true at all.

I shall also be posting about plenty of other things that catch my attention, whether it be from the world of politics, sport, art or just something completely random.

Feel free to post suggestions for topics that I ought to investigate. I have a few challenges already, including some book reviews, explaining general relativity in 500 words and the first major post which I have been working on for an unhealthily long time: Doubting Thomas and the Scientific Approach to Theology.

3 responses to “Introduction

  1. You are a complete loser.

  2. Thank you for comment, Anonymous from America. I shall be taking this as a proposition which shall be examined and posted as a separate entry. By including the "complete" term it is somewhat specific, rather than generic; so that will make for some interesting reading. Please come again

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